Should I do work to my house before selling?

Published: 15/09/2019 By Jane Robathan

  This isn’t the time to throw yourself into an attic conversion or to start knocking down walls! It’s far more realistic and sensible to get every room in your home in good order instead of undertaking big plans. Get décor consistent throughout and don’t bodge repair jobs. Here's what to fix before you sell:
 Fix leaks in roofs, gutters, taps and pipes

 Clean or replace stained carpets

 Ged rid of mould in bathroom grout or on walls and ceilings

 Repair broken kitchen cabinets

 Scrub greasy kitchens

 Clean dirty windows

 Fix broken panes of glass

 Repaint grubby paintwork

 Unblock bad-smelling drains
 Buyers look for reasons to make low offers, so don’t give them any. The only expensive thing on this list is a leaky roof so if yours is fine, you have an easy task ahead (just maybe a couple of busy weekends)!

 If you do have an expensive fix and can’t afford to do it, then the best way forward is to get a couple of quotes for the work that your agent can show prospective buyers. This way, you’re being transparent and helpful and can defend your asking price as you’ve factored in repair work already.  Everything else on the list is easy to arrange, inexpensive and many you can do yourself.

You are about to sell your most valuable asset, so make it look as good as possible.