'Tis the Season

Published: 09/12/2020 By Felicity Blair

'Tis the Season to Be Jolly Careful
… but ‘tis also the season get your estate agent around’
if you're thinking about putting your property
on the market next year..!

Living in the ‘New Normal’ brought many home-owners to the conclusion that they wanted move their lives on. Spurred on by the stamp duty (SD) incentive, they sprang into action to pursue their search for a new house, a bigger garden or a move to the country.

Most acted immediately on their instincts with the net result that estate agents across the UK have put together sales in numbers we haven’t seen for many years. But some people are slower burners, who have taken longer to arrive at the same decision, or have had other considerations like schools or ‘finishing works to the house’, and are preparing to sell soon.
A sale put together in December or January will have a tough (but not impossible) time tucking itself through before the SD deadline of March 31st – that is, unless Rishi makes a last minute concession, to extend the holiday or at least taper it off rather than have it fall off a cliff, (and he’s shown himself well able to make last minute manoeuvres, so we will wait with baited breath).
Right now, however, there are 10 working days till Christmas and I’d like to put you in mind of the fact that every year, without fail, Rightmove and Zoopla browsing activity spike by 40% – 60% in the days between Xmas and New Year, as people spend their free time planning the future.
If you would like to focus your thoughts just a little earlier than they do, then your home could be one of the many bookings we will have for the first week of January. If you were thinking of going on the market in January or thinking of changing agents to get a sale, consider getting yourself ahead of the crowd by calling us out today. We can still get you launched by Christmas Eve…