COVID-19 and viewings

Dear Viewer,

We look forward to meeting you at the property today for you viewing and would like to advise you that in the light of COVID-19, besides hand-washing which all our staff will be doing half-hourly throughout the day, we will be following the following protocol:

All appointments made will be to meet at the property. We can no longer transport people in our cars, so please avoid coming to the office.

If you arrive early for a viewing or another viewing is taking longer than expected, we will ask you to remain outside until the way is clear.

All our negotiators will be wearing disposable gloves that will be disposed of following the viewing.

We will maintain a safe distance of 2m throughout the viewing.

We will ask you not to touch any handles or surfaces within the property, our negotiator will open any doors or cupboards that you wish to see opened.

We want to support the government, our applicants, vendors and our staff as much as possible during this crisis. We believe, with proper protocols and care, we can get through this together. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind Regards
Felicity Blair
Roy Brooks