What Tenants are asking during COVID-19

Is it possible to rent a property at the moment?

The advice at present is clear to us all – if possible, stay home, but if you are an NHS or Key worker, or if you have reasons that can be defined as ‘essential’ as to why you need to move, then in certain cases this may be possible.

Is it possible to view a property for rent?

It is not possible to conduct viewings right now.  In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of out-going tenants, landlords and check-out staff, we are acquiring a number of Virtual Property tours which will give you a very good idea of whether a property is going to be right for you. You can view these on Vimeo, YouTube or even WhatsApp. Occasionally we have introduced an applicant to a landlord via Zoom or FaceTime and the viewing has been conducted live. It depends what works, and for whom. We have now helped 5 sets of ‘essential movers ‘to transfer safely into 5 properties that they have secured on the basis of video footage alone. All moves have been successful and the tenants have been happy with their choice.

When will it all go back to Normal?

’Normal’ is a fair way away. Whilst restrictions will ease and tenants may be permitted (under strict C-19 safety protocols) to view a property before making an offer, the fact is that a Virtual Viewing may replace the first viewing and become the norm.  Even if ‘normal’ returns, it makes sense for you to take a look at a video tour before rushing away from work to travel to another part of town to view 1 or 2 properties in an evening, only to have to do the same again the next night and again at the weekend. If the virtual tour conveys the property well enough, it may come to be that an actual viewing may not be required at all.