COVID-19 Update 

To all our client Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants,

We believe we join with you in thinking that this bizarre new world has some redeeming features. One of those is the feeling you get when you hear the clatter of hands and pans on Thursday nights for our front-line Heroes – the NHS, key workers, and the thousands who have volunteered locally to show kindnesses to neighbours. If I am speaking to any of you right now, thank you very, very much for helping to keep us all safe!

People are asking what’s happening in the property market. Our attention has been focused on adapting to change and finding ways to operate within government guidelines. We have assisted movers who were in the final stages of a sale to come to a conclusion that made sense. We’ve maintained properties with emergency repairs and spent time reassuring landlords and tenants on their future financial commitments. Now people want to know when they will be able to move again.

Several reports hint that estate agents will be among the first businesses to return to work. Whilst we await further direction, if you are keen to get going, there is a way that you and we can work together in readiness for the time when a green light (or at least a yellow one) will be shone in our direction.

The sales market is underpinned by four years of pent-up BREXIT demand which enjoyed only a 6 month window of satisfaction before it all came to an abrupt stop in March. We are now conducting Virtual Valuations for both Sales and Lettings using FaceTime and Zoom. You do not need to be familiar with these apps to do it, we can send you a link and the rest is easy. It looks like Virtual Viewings may become the new norm too and we are building a library of them and can send links to you. If you feel like using the present time to lay the ground for the future feel free to pick up the line and talk to us about what you’d like to achieve. We are here to help.

Common questions over the period have been answered in more detail on our Blog page. To find out more, please click on the links below:

Keep Safe
Kind Regards

Felicity Blair