Which portals do I need?
 The two largest portals are Rightmove and Zoopla. Web traffic to either can depend on where people live and even their age.

 We know that more young renters across the UK use Zoopla and more homeowners in London use Rightmove, and that Rightmove is used by more people altogether than Zoopla. If you're buying or selling in London, at the very least you need to advertise on Rightmove. London landlords should insist their agents use both portals.

Why is Rightmove so important?
 Rightmove has undeniable, massive market share. Most leads, to every estate agency in London, come from Rightmove (if an agent denies this, they are telling huge fibs). No other portal has managed to knock this mighty website from its perch, yet. Interestingly, Rightmove does not currently hold as much swagger outside the capital, so if you're selling elsewhere, ask your agent where their best leads come from.

What’s the 2% reduced by date on Rightmove?
 When your home is uploaded to Rightmove, an ‘added by’ date is published within your listing. If you reduce your asking price, the ‘added by’ date is superseded by a ‘reduced on’ date if the reduction is at least 2% of the original asking price.

Why is the date I came on to the market published?
 Rightmove and Zoopla both publish your 'added by' date and various other data within or alongside, your property's listing. This is a new'ish addition to the sites and isn't anything to be worried about. Today, anyone can look up what you paid for your home or what your neighbours sold for. If your home has been on the market for a long time and you're worried about published dates and sales data, you do have options. Give me a call and I'll gladly talk them through.

 However, it might be worth thinking about why you haven't sold, resting your home and getting some advice about how to successfully approach the market. Sometimes, simple strategies and common sense help to get the best price. You never know, you might end up super-lucky like these clientswho sold for way over the asking price in a tricky market.