How many valuations should I have?
  We think that three is just right. Certainly at least two, but you don’t need more than three.
 Should I go with the highest valuation?
  By having three valuations, you’ll get a better sense of what your home’s worth as you can compare them. If one valuation runs way ahead of the other two, be weary—it’s the oldest trick in the book to gain your business. If you do market at a price never seen before in your street, try to put as much extra care and attention into everything involved, from decluttering to timing the launch perfectly. 

 Remember, if your buyer is getting a mortgage, the mortgage lender's surveyor is going to have to agree the property is being bought at the right price. A down valuation (when the surveyor advises the mortgage lender that the property is worth less than your buyer is willing to pay), is likely to scupper your sale. An experienced agent can help you market your home to draw maximum interest and compel surveyors to sign off an agreed price by showing them indisputable data. However, no one has a magic wand! 
 How do estate agents value homes?
  A good agent will bring evidence of similar homes that have sold recently. By using past sales data and knowledge of the current market, an experienced agent can accurately value a home. It’s in everyone’s interest to gain you the best price the market will bear, without overvaluing, undervaluing or hindering your sale.