Should I be there for viewings?
 No, please let us handle them. If you are around, buyers will feel obliged to make polite conversation when they should be focussing on the property. Buyers need to feel able to think and speak freely and that means out of your earshot (no hard feelings). Your presence will, no matter how lovely you are, make viewings more awkward than if you weren’t there.  We can handle any questions and always revert back to you if we can’t answer something specific.
 How many viewings will there be?
 Of course, there’s no way to know, every sale is different. Depending on the market and the time of year, you can expect to have perhaps ten/fifteen viewings before getting an offer. It’s not uncommon to attract 30-50 viewings in the first couple of weeks of marketing. If you've had over fifteen viewings and no offers, we would talk to you about the next steps.