Colin Lowman

Iíve got a local celebrity at the desk in front of me. My colleague, Colin Lowman.

Honestly, itís astounding. People regularly waltz into the office, do a double-take before saying something like ďColin? You sold our/my motherís/my auntís-best-friendís-sisterís house 40 years ago.Ē Thereon follows a quick catch-up and essentially, a casual walk-in enquiry instantly converts into a new customer.

Colin was a founding member of Roy Brooks and regularly entertains us with tales of estate agency in a very different era. Having seen Roy's fame rise first-hand, we cherish Colin's accounts of his eccentric ex-colleague.

Colinís been selling houses for a very, very long time. I donít sell houses, I write marketing copy for sets of details. I sometimes describe a home by using photographs, floorplans, a valuerís notes and putting in a phone call to the vendor. But if we take on a house on Camberwell Grove for instance, I make darned sure I visit personally. In the 7 years Iíve been doing my job, I have been inside around two-thirds of Camberwell Grove. From talking to the owners, I estimate that Colin has sold at least half of Camberwell Grove twice over in his career and perhaps two-thirds of them once. In fact we have a magic sum in the office where you take his age, multiply it by the hours heís worked in his life and add the amount of people he knows. This tells us exactly how many homes heís sold altogether. Ahem.

Colin genuinely loves his job (he could have retired a LONG time ago) and brings values such as dignity and honesty to an all too often mistrusted industry. Iím happy to report he also appreciates my filthy sense of humour. It really is a pleasure to work with Colin.

Have you met Colin? If so I'd love to hear from you. It's his birthday soon and we're going to celebrate (but don't tell him, it's a surprise). If you want a party invite, just email me at jane@roybrooks.co.uk and tell me your Colin-related story.