growth of estate agents and complaints

We asked 487 local estate agents if they were ashamed of their job. 79% told us they were, 14% said the company car outweighed personal integrity issues while the remaining 7% were late for the survey. More than all of the agents we spoke to said they had at some point lied about their career to a stranger.*

*this isn't actually true, it's all an educated guess

The thing is, estate agents are growing in numbers at an alarming rate. Many offices closed during the recessions, twice as many as town-centre pubs. But now, particularly branches of lettings agents, are springing up faster than a negotiator's nether-regions when you say the word 'cash.'

Estate agency is changing, or it did a little last year, compared to the year before. When we get the data for this year, we can compare it to the other years and chart what appears to be happening!
Anyway,we have a feeling deep in our guts, what with the internet becoming such an important aspect of estate agency (if not the most important marketing bit) and soley because of this, we suspect that estate agency is going to have to start behaving itself.

It's been a rubbish couple of years for all types of business. Except for landlords perhaps. Rents have hit record highs due to things like less people being able to get a mortgage. The growth in the rental sector has meant a lot of lettings agencies starting up business. Lettings is the most unregulated type of estate agency. Complaints against lettings agencies have, unsurprisingly, risen very sharply over this time. We're using figures from annual reports via the Property Ombudsman, a free and independent service to complainants. We like the organisation, there's a strong emphasis on fair mediation. If you have a complaint against an agent, this is a good place to get useful advice. Estate agents are going to have to sharpen their service to clients as review sites like All Agents have become very popular. Transparency of service has never been so accessible to future clients.