How can sellers keep noise disruption to a minimum?

As a London property seller, you'll be eager to know the things that buyers are most likely to be put off by. So new research carried out by home improvements website will be of interest, with their findings revealing that those buying homes take noise pollution very seriously when considering where to purchase property.

Some 92% of homeowners say excess noise from a nearby pub would have an impact on whether or not they buy their dream home, with 55% insisting they definitely wouldn't purchase. Airport noise, meanwhile, would completely deter 54% of people from buying their dream home, while motorways (48%), an airport flight path (45%), electricity pylons (40%) and a mainline train service (36%) are other things that would directly halt a purchase. What's more, 38% said that noise levels from an A-road would make them think twice about buying a home.

Noise is an issue that is more bothersome for those aged 55 and above, with this demographic most likely to boycott a purchase if the above noise levels were too high or intrusive. Those aged under 35 years old, on the other hand, were found to be more tolerant of noise.

Certain things can be done to mitigate the worst effects of noise pollution -home improvements and renovations such as double glazing and better insulation, for example, can help to soften the impact - but there is likely to be a negative impact and compromises will need to be made. Some people are happier to deal with a bit of outside noise and fully believe they can adjust to it over time. In some cases, people get so used to the noise of airplanes flying overhead, cars motoring past or trains trundling along that they barely notice it. It just becomes background noise. For other buyers, it could prove to be much more of an issue.

Taking a closer look at the research, we find that some interesting results were thrown up. While the idea of a bar, pub or nightclub nearby might be appealing to some, particularly young professionals, people generally don't like living too close to their favourite nightlife haunts.

Even 18 to 34 year olds, admitted they wouldn't want to buy a property with a pub, bar or nightclub on their doorstep, with 45% saying they would be deterred.

It wouldn't necessarily just be noise, either, with an increased risk of anti-social behaviour and excess litter also potentially having a negative impact on a homebuyer's decision. If you are selling a home and happen to live near a busy pub, bar or nightclub, or a whole street of them, there are things you can do to offset the noise levels and ensure your home remains appealing to would-be buyers. Noise reduction techniques such as acoustic curtains - available to buy for as little as £20 - can be a very useful way of sound-proofing your property, while installing sound blocking doors is another way of limiting the impact of excess noise.

It's not just properties near airports that can be impacted by noise issues, but also homes that sit under airport flight paths. The research showed that 45% of homebuyers would be completely deterred by the noise this would generate, while 30% would reconsider their decision to buy and a further 15% said they would be looking to pay a lower price for an affected property.

If you are a seller, though, there are measures that can be taken to minimise noise disruption. A cheap, easy and effective home improvement is carpeting - which is very good at absorbing noise. Unless you really know what you're doing, it's best to call in a professional to lay your carpet for you to ensure there are no gaps or wonky edges, which allows noise to escape. This might cost you a little bit in the short-term, but will be fully worth it if it pushes up the value of your home.

Another potential barrier is the presence of a major train line nearby. While many buyers will have excellent, reliable transport links as a must-have feature of their dream property, it's also the case that noise levels from trains can prove to be an off-putting distraction to buyers. It's not just noise, but physical vibrations too. If, as a seller, you want to keep your costs down while minimising the noise impact of a train line, you can take a more quirky, unconventional approach and buy some acoustic art (yes, really!). These special boards are designed to absorb excess sound and vibrations and, as well as having a practical function, work equally well as decoration. Win-win.

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