House hunting trends: how you could improve your chances of getting an offer?

pictures of houses getting bigger to suggest houses rising in value

It's a dog-eat-dog housing market in south London, and that's why it's important that your property and marketing is up to scratch in order to stand out from the crowd. Your advertising strategy and all aspects of your home should be top-notch in order to improve your chances of bagging a solid offer.

According to homebuilder Strata, 42% of homebuyers in the UK will view an average of 4-8 properties before making a decision, while 31% view up to three. Some 10% are very indecisive and will view up to 16 homes before deciding.

It seems existing homeowners and first-time buyers tend to have different attitudes when it comes to finding their dream home. A homeowner is likely to view more properties than an average first-time buyer, with 24% viewing 9-15 properties before making a decision. This could be due to existing homeowners knowing exactly what kind of property they aspire to move to, while first-time buyers are new to the idea of viewings, and therefore potentially satisfied after looking at fewer properties.

These statistics show that both homeowners and first-time buyers are spending more time researching properties and exploring their options before making a decision on their ideal home. Having a prominent listing with all the correct features is more likely to catch a buyer's eye and should, in turn, boost your viewing rate.

For a price, property portals offer added extras to further promote a listing. A premium listing usually has a symbol to differentiate it from the others, sometimes having a different coloured background. Extra photos and information would also be included, showcasing your home in its very best light. It's estimated that premium listings can increase the interest in your property by up to 33% and increase the number of viewings by up to 25%.

The above survey, conducted in April 2017, showed that 86% of people believed that the feel of the area was one of the most important buying criteria. The general status of the area is important to 78% of existing homeowners, as opposed to 61% of first-time buyers.

Strata's research also revealed that both homeowners and first-time buyers favour video content and real-life stories of people moving, making these key considerations when choosing a home.

In all the south London areas we operate - Brixton, Peckham, Nunhead, Dulwich and more - there is the potential to capture the beauty of a property. If you live on a street with colourful foliage or your property has astounding 'kerb appeal', try to show it off as much as possible. Using high-quality photos - something an estate agent like Roy Brooks can help you with - could establish your property's unique selling point (USP) and make it look attractive. The more quality images there are, the better chance of homebuyers clicking through to your listing and booking a viewing appointment.

According to the figures, some 27% of existing homeowners are interested in decoration and interior design, while 50% of first-time buyers consider this a prominent factor. Similar to this, homeowners are twice as likely to be interested in the overall house design and the cost of living amenities in the local area. When it comes to viewing day, making your home presentable will play a huge part in a prospective buyer's decision-making.

This means depersonalising your home, cleaning and polishing all surfaces, making a spectacle of your home's distinctive features, decluttering, and allowing the natural light to flood in. House hunters are viewing up to seven other homes and therefore competition is high - so you need to make your property shine.

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