We show you where demand for property is highest

If you're about to buy property and you want to protect your investment as much as possible, then it's a good idea to suss out where demand is highest. We're not saying that you should only buy in an area that's popular now but it's certainly a good omen for buyers who like security.

Rather than listen to an estate agent spout opinionated spiel while pointing out the nearest tube station, there are undisputable facts we are privy to and willing to share. We can tell you where everyone is looking, right now, and there are some surprising results.

We're talking about demand for property that's local to our office in the SE22, SE15, SE23, SE4, SE5, SE24 and SE21 postcodes.

As we all know, demand for property is one of the main factors that keep the market buoyant. While we can not see into the future and predict exactly if areas in the highest demand today will remain so for the next 5-10 years, if demand remains consistent, it's as safe a gamble as any.

We're using data from Rightmove because it's the most widely used property portal in the UK. To give you an idea of how popular Rightmove is, last year it had 6.7 million unique visitors compared to 2.9 million each from the (joint) second most popular property portals, Findaproperty and Zoopla. It has even been estimatated that around 75% of all property page views in the UK happen on Rightmove.

The top three most searched for areas in south east London (since I began tracking data in June), are Crystal Palace, Forest Hill and Brockley - in various interchangeable positions. The search figures fall between around 22-26,000 searches a month and each area has held the number-one position. East Dulwich, as a search term, has almost always come in fourth, followed closely by Dulwich - we're talking about something like 20,000 searches for those two specific areas. Honor Oak returns around 6-7,000 searches a month while Nunhead and New Cross usually come in with between 5-6,500 hits each. West Dulwich is the poohy nappy, gaining around 4,000 searches.

I am pleased to report there are around 11-13,000 searches for houses and flats for sale in Peckham. What's surprising is that just about as many people are looking to buy property in Camberwell, Peckham's posher neighbour. Slightly more house-hunters are looking in Sydenham, which gains around 12-15,000 search enquiries.

We are not saying you shouldn't buy a property in Honor Oak, New Cross, Nunhead or West Dulwich at all, we are simply revealing where the search volumes are at present. Some areas are much smaller than others and simply can not be fairly compared. Dulwich Village, the poshest place EVER, gains about 8-9000 searches on Rightmove a month probably as it's out of most people's price range.