Selling in London? Here's how you can find the right estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home in a timely manner and for the best price - especially in London - can sometimes be complicated.
After all, you are the one who decides to put your home on the market, but your agent is the one who sells it.
Some agents are more effective than others and working with a good firm can be the difference between selling your home for a good price and not selling your property at all.
With this in mind, here at Roy Brooks we have compiled a few tips on how property sellers can choose a good estate agent in south London.

Consider your options
It can be quite overwhelming to begin with, but you want to have a list of at least six possible agents.

In order to do that, you'll need to consider a range of criteria - including things like fees, local knowledge and reputation - as well as thinking about what is most important to you from your agent.

Do your homework
Once you have your list of six, take a look at each of their websites and social media, analysing the properties they each list for sale. Are they presented with good floor plans, quality photos and clear information?

It's also useful to check if the agent advertises on at least one major property portal. If you have any family or friends that have bought or sold a home through these agents, it's also worth asking them about their experience.

If you can, take a stroll down your local high street and have a look in the agents' windows. Which ones are smart and appealing? You want to be able to narrow down your list of potential agents, so be picky yet reasonable.

Get in touch
It's time to shortlist your options. After thorough consideration, pick the main three that appeal to you the most and contact them, booking an appointment and inviting each of them round for a market appraisal.

The agent will tell you about the current local market and what they think the asking price should be when your home goes up for sale. If all the agents suggest similar amounts, you can be reasonably sure they are accurate and therefore reliable.

This is also the time for you to ask questions and get a clearer picture, so don't feel afraid to ask them to justify their options on the property's value.

Ask away
Once you've discussed the valuation of your property, it's time to fire some questions; such as if they have 'hot' prospective buyers already on their books and if they will accompany these buyers who will come to view your home.

Different agents have different terms and conditions, with their fees covering different things. Does their fee cover marketing and other costs (such as preparing for the property details and For Sale boards)?

Ask the agent how often they will keep in touch to inform you how things are going. It's also useful to find out what they will do once a sale is agreed.

A good agent will also want to know your circumstances - why you're selling, when you want to sell by etc. - so that they can tailor their services to meet these requirements.

Pick your top agent
Now that you've met the agents, discussed prices and determined their services, you will need to appoint a sole agent, joint sole agents or multiple agents.

During the selling process, try to help your chosen agent as much as you can and treat your agreement as a partnership. You will have an increased chance of succeeding in selling your property quickly and for the best possible price if you and your agent uphold regular contact and work together as much as possible.

With these five steps, finding the right estate agent to sell your home can be easier than you think. At Roy Brooks we operate in a number of South London hotspots, including Brixton, Peckham, Camberwell, Sydenham and Brockley.

For more information about selling your home in South London, please contact us on 020 8299 3021. Also, have a look at our selling guide to see how we can help prospective sellers achieve a successful sale.

We also offer free and instant online valuations to give you an idea of how much your property could be worth on the current market.