During a meeting with the gorgeous people who organise Nunhead Bite (Nicky and Sarah from Pexmas), we had an idea. 'Yes' we could help sponsor a local festival happening on the Green opposite our office, 'yes' we could just put our logo on 'some stuff' and hand out balloons - but that's all bit BORING really isn't it?

We've got a uniquely interesting company history. Roy Brooks himself was very, very funny and nationally famous for it, but he died in 1971. In our meeting we decided to bring Roy back from the grave and do something fun and entertaining during the festival.

Nicky and Sarah found us local actor Henry Everett. A script was penned and nearby houses on our books were earmarked. There were a couple of meetings, a run-through and rewrites. There was as much publicity as we could muster but the moment it got exciting was seeing Henry's Twitter photo in character alongside the message 'Walk with Roy.'

Wigged-up, cravate-ready 'Roy' lead willing punters on a whistle-stop tour of a few houses he was trying to flog. Giving participants a general history of the area and his damning descriptions of homes, he winded up bringing them back to the office for Prosecco and nibbles. Having had a taste of Roy's ingenious wit, the now Prosecco-flush party partook in a prize-winning property description competition. We have to admit that the standard was outrageously high and as entries were read aloud, one wondered if such talent was indeed unique to Nunhead/East Dulwich/Bellenden residents. Are south east Londoners gifted with more literary wit than most? It appears so, and we hope to repeat the tour in the future to prove it.

We'd like to say a big thanks to Henry, Nicky and Sarah for helping us bring the idea, quite literally, to life.