Secret Agent

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Do you need a discreet home sale or let? If the thought of your neighbours knowing about your pending departure brings on a hot flush, then we have the answer. Our newly polished Roy Brooks' Secret Service™ guarantees you absolute secrecy throughout the process of marketing and selling or letting your home.

We got the idea from listening to clients who for whatever reason, wished to remain unpublicised. In these circumstances, we do not publicly market your home on the Internet or in the press; instead we use our extensive contacts in order to secure a buyer or tenant.

No marked fleet cars will be pulling up outside your door, there'll be no people with clipboards, cameras or any other suspicious paraphernalia to start tongues wagging. We can time viewings within hours that cause the least suspicion and conduct them unaccompanied if you wish.

We don't advise this strategy unless circumstances really do call for it. In the absence of traditional marketing, many potential buyers and tenants can be missed. However, we do understand that sometimes life calls for a dignified exit. If you would like to talk to somebody about Roy Brooks' Secret Service™ please call 020 8299 3021 and ask for Felicity.