What are the interior design trends of the moment?

The positive, therapeutic effect of house plants on homes has long been known. Now, however, they are becoming increasingly fashionable, one of the interior trends of the moment.
House plants - of all colours, types and varieties - are all the rage at the minute, and there are a number of low-maintenance, easy-to-care for house plants that can help to add colour, life and fresh air to your London property.
A weeping fig, for example, is best kept in a sunny spot in your bedroom and needs to be watered on a regular basis (ideally first thing in the morning and last thing at night). These efforts will be repaid by the plant removing toxins from the air and improving your night's sleep.
A jade plant, meanwhile, is ideal for hallways - it needs very little care and attention and will be a sturdy, resilient companion over many years. It's also seen as a symbol of good luck to all those who enter. If you are selling your home and looking to please would-be buyers, it could come in especially handy.
Other house plants that help to invigorate a room - enabling your home to become more peaceful, restful and inspiring as a consequence - include a peace lily (ideal for utility or laundry rooms as it successfully removes mould spores in the air), a Chinese Evergreen (a durable plant which works best in the bathroom) and the snake plant (which is perfect for dining rooms).
The living room, on the other hand, is best served by the bamboo palm (also known as the parlour palm), which is one of the cheapest and most efficient palms you can buy. Another advantage of the bamboo palm is its non-toxicity to cats and dogs, one of the few house plants that isn't toxic to these popular house pets. Moving to the kitchen, golden pothos thrive best here, functioning equally well as standing and hanging plants. It's a versatile plant that can tolerate both wet and dry conditions.
If you have a conservatory - a haven for all types of house plants - the prayer plant is best. A study or home office, meanwhile - a part of the property that needs peace, quiet and the ability to concentrate more than any other - is best served by Chrysanthemums (or Mums), which absorb toxins emitted from printers, photocopiers and adhesives.
Lastly, if you have a balcony or small outside area, there are a number of plants that work particularly well here. These include ferns (ideal if your outdoor space has lots of shade), marigolds (low-maintenance, pest-repellent and colourful) and mint (easy to grow, versatile and useful for cooking).
House plants can have a positive impact on wellbeing and mental health, plus they look attractive and help to give your home a fresh, healthy, vibrant look. As a result, if you are selling your home - or looking to sell your home in future - house plants will have a role to play, helping to give off the impression that your home is well-looked after, well-oxygenated and full of natural greenery.
Indoor plants are not the only interior design trend enjoying (excuse the pun) their moment in the sun. Other popular design features - all of which can also help to sell a home - include the colour green; or, more specifically, bright green. A cheery, uplifting colour that will help to bring freshness and vibrancy to your décor, green has mostly positive connotations and is particularly associated with summer, health and the great outdoors. A home with tasteful green décor, therefore, could help to convert would-be buyers who are teetering on the edge. Greenery has been named the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year, with its emphasis on refreshment and revitalisation proving particularly appealing. If you want to keep on-trend - and green décor is never more attractive than in summer - then a change of décor is something you should definitely consider.
Faux finishes, too, have been highly popular so far in 2017, helping homeowners to add gloss and finish in a budget-friendly manner. In many cases, they can actually be more reliable than the authentic materials. Engineered quartz, for instance, can resist heat and acidic foods better than marble, while faux wood ceiling beams aren't at risk of rotting or bowing like real wood. Faux foliage, giving homes a fresh, healthy vibe, is also proving popular.
In addition, mixed patterns, artisan knick-knacks and fold-up appliances have seen a rise in popularity, as well as matte finishes (which help to give kitchens a glossy, contemporary sheen), cerused wood, smart home features and subway tiles.
A home that is modern, up-to-date and on-trend is bound to have more appeal to buyers than one which is old-fashioned or falling into disrepair. While keeping up with all the latest trends is not necessary, it certainly won't harm your sales pitch if you keep up with some. In the case of house plants, green décor, artisan knick-knacks and mixed patterns, this will cost very little to achieve but could make all the difference with regards to achieving your asking price or above.
More crucial than keeping up with the latest interior design trends, though, is ensuring that your home is attractive, welcoming, homely, well-maintained and clean. If it isn't, all the trendy features in the world won't aid your attempts to sell.
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