How to get your south London home sold this summer

Activity in the property market tends to cool off over the summer months, which means it can be a tricky time to sell a home, especially if the property you're trying to sell is a family one.
After all, June, July and August are peak holiday season, with kids off school and parents opting to take their offspring away either for a few weeks in the sun or a camping trip/caravan holiday in the rain. While this, and a falling number of house hunters searching for properties in July and August, creates some issues for would-be sellers, all is not lost. There are things you can do to increase your chances of selling this summer, maximising your home's potential and attractiveness to buyers.
Borrowing on tips recently released by NAEA Propertymark, we take a look at how you can sell your home as the mercury rises and those long, lazy summer days becoming a more frequent occurrence.
Keep it neutral
It's nothing that's not been said before, but neutral, unobtrusive decor will have far wider appeal than quirky or unconventional interiors. As the NAEA points out, different buyers will have different tastes when it comes to decor, so keeping things neutral - and allowing them to imagine themselves living there and how they will put their own stamp on the property - is the best course of action to take.
Remove anything too personalised or homely, as this will only serve to put would-be buyers off and make them think they are intruding. Stick to neutral colours to ensure you don't alienate those coming to view your home.
Improve your garden space
Garden space becomes particularly important in the summer months, when better weather and longer days means people want to be spending more time outdoors - whether it be for family BBQs or informal drinks with friends. The NAEA says a well-maintained garden can give your home the wow-factor, especially during a season when beautiful flowers and plants are commonplace.
Use the sun to your advantage to help show off your garden at its best, and if you have any special features - for example a pond, a water feature or an outdoor pizza oven - don't be afraid to shout out about these.
Most important, of course, is to make sure your garden is tidy, attractive and in excellent condition. Clear away any litter, mow the lawn, remove any weeds, cut back any overgrowing trees and, the NAEA advises, pot some brightly coloured plants to make your garden space easier on the eye. Luckily, none of this takes much time, money or effort, but it will make all the difference to your sales pitch.
Make your kitchen shine
All the polls suggest the kitchen is now the most important room in the home. As such, buyers will be paying extra special attention to this room and are likely to place great emphasis on it looking the part. If you can give your kitchen a quick freshen up, it will give a considerable boost to your chances of selling your home.
The NAEA says you could give cabinets a lick of paint or replace doors and handles to give your kitchen a fresh look that will be appealing to would-be buyers.
The kitchen is now the social hub of the home - a place to bake, cook, eat, do homework and hold dinner parties - so it's vitally important that yours looks up to scratch. Generally speaking, sparkling, contemporary kitchens are the most popular. However, whether your space is rustic, modern or somewhere in between, be sure to make it look its best before buyers come to view your home.
Let there be light (and air)
This is an especially important consideration in the summer months, when the weather is hotter and the humidity ramps up. As such, homes in the UK - which are designed to keep the heat in - can get quite stuffy and warm. There's nothing worse than a room which smells musty, and it's something that will be a massive turn-off to would-be buyers, so it's important to get as much fresh air into your property as possible.
If you know you have viewings on a particular day, open up windows well in advance to keep your home well-ventilated, especially so in those rooms that are rarely used.
The NAEA also says that a good level of natural lighting in your home will make spaces like the living room and dining room more inviting. Summer, of course, is the best time for natural light, so ensure that all blinds and curtains are wide open to give your home an airy, vibrant, summery feel.
Focus on your kerb appeal
For would-be buyers, first impressions count double and will have a considerable impact on whether or not they decide to lodge an offer. The exterior of your home is likely to be the first thing buyers see, so it's vitally important that the outside of your home is well-maintained, well cared for and attractive.
To make doubly sure this is the case, the NAEA says outside windows and walls should be washed to remove any dirt. What's more, a front door can say a lot to a buyer about the rest of your home, so it's not something that should be ignored and neglected. If it's looking a bit tired, worn or shabby, consider a quick lick of paint or a wash down to give buyers the right first impression and improve the overall look and feel of your property.
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