My home hasn't sold. What should I do?

Can't sell your home? Three things you need to know.

In today's slow property market there are more unsold homes sitting on Rightmove than usual. That said, it is possible to sell your home quickly and for a great price as we've just done.

If you haven't sold, you may be wondering what to do. Your circumstances determine your choices. Typical reasons for selling are:

1) Moving out of London
2) Moving within London to up/downsize
3) Splitting with a partner
4) To free up some equity
5) You're the executor for someone's estate

I'm going to list three proven ways to get you moving. The first two are trade secrets that I've learned during my fourteen years in the business. Either will invigorate tired listings but if you follow my advice here, you'll secure the best price possible, whatever the housing market is doing. All of these tips will help sellers in any of the circumstances listed above, but the third option is appropriate for sellers 1 and 2. It's not a tip, but more a very fortunate outcome.

1) Getting fresh 'added by' or 'first listed' dates on Rightmove and Zoopla. The 'added by' date is published on your property's listing the day your home is uploaded to Rightmove. Zoopla show it too and detail the exact date and amount of any price reductions. We don't use Zoopla but opt for On the Market instead as they don't display an 'added by' or 'price reduction' date or details (please note, PrimeLocation does not supply agents with effective leads for selling in London).

At this point, it's important to understand that Rightmove is by far, the most important portal to use when selling in London. To highlight its swagger, Rightmove have 130 million visits a month while Zoopla and PrimeLocation combined have around 50 million.

Rightmove's 'added by' date can only be changed in two ways and the longer your home sits on the market, the staler it can appear to would-be buyers. Phoning up Rightmove and begging them to change the date will not work (believe me).

You can either:
Remove your property for at least 14-weeks before uploading it again (sometimes this is the best tactic for your circumstances, more on that next) or you can switch agent. As soon as a new agent uploads your property, even while your original agent is listing it, you will have a new listing date.

2) Rest your property for a couple of months. Use this time to do any DIY/presentation and relaunch with a new brochure. Maybe you'd like to stay with your agent. In this case, you'll need to wait until you can reload onto Rightmove for that all-important new listing date (for 14-weeks, remember). This can work well if, for example, you're selling a family home and approaching the summer or Christmas holidays. These are the best times to take your home off the market because your buyers are less likely to be around. Want a red-hot insider tip? I always recommend that you accommodate the odd viewing while your home is off the market. This is a wonderfully simple and incredibly effective marketing method. People are being shown around something not available to everyone and it makes buyers feel like they're being let into a secret, which they sort of are.

3) Rent your property out until the market changes in your favour. You may be surprised at how easy this is and it means you can pick and choose when to sell. If you can afford to hang on to your first property and still buy a second, you're future-proofing your long-term financial stability. This is a fabulous position to be in, so talk to your mortgage broker and see if it's possible. You'll need to get a let-to-buy mortgage on your first property and a residential mortgage on your second. The way these are worked out are totally different and we'll be posting a quick guide shortly. If you'd like an idea of the rental value of your home, email Harris our lettings manager or call him on 020 3206 3063. We also have an online valuation tool. that can give an idea of your home's worth instantly.