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"Hi, it's Mrs *Bloggs, I'm calling to ask if there's a viewing happening right now." I scan the computer screen and note two viewings in a house nearby. "No, nothing at yours until 4pm" I reassure her. "So who's in my house then?" she asks, "we're outside in the car and can see someone in there." I had to admit I didn't know. While Mrs Bloggs sounded a bit panicky as she hung up, I was immediately distracted by a lively young couple bouncing into the office to talk about buying a house. Before they left, my colleague was waving his receiver in the air, "Could you talk to the police for me Jane?" "Hello Madam, this is *PC Plod. Does a Mr *Pete's Sake work for you?" My workmate was audibly flustered in the background and as tempting as it was to say 'no' I conceded he did. "I think I know what's happened" I continued, "He's gone to the wrong house hasn't he?" Not only had *Pete's Sake gone to the wrong house and waited for his viewers to turn up, he had tried to usher in the plain-clothes policemen when they arrived. It was wholly fortuitous that our client, Mrs *Bloggs, has a sense of humour. famous museum (which has since won national awards) and built a new swimming pool and gym. Itís won high street regeneration funding that has actually worked by bringing new independent traders and regular food markets to its town centre. There were even a few supper clubs recently. There really, really were.