Why has my neighbour sold before me?

estate agency sold board outside house We constantly meet homeowners facing this dilemma.

In London the chances of a local, similar home coming on to the market at the same time as yours is exceptionally strong. The sold property could be next door, across the street or in a road nearby. It has as many bedrooms, a similar amount of outside space (if any) and appears in comparable condition. So, what's going wrong?

We're glad you asked. It's exactly this type of scenario that gives our sales and marketing team valuable insights to get you sold quickly.

First off, we need to find out how your sale has been going so far. We also need to know more about you and what you need from your move.

We might ask:
1) How many viewings have you had?
2) Have you had any offers and what are were they?
3) What feedback has your agent given you?
4) Does your agent Why has my neighbour sold before me?say much about the type of person looking around?
5) Where are you being advertised (online and offline)?
6) Have you been given viewing guidelines?
7) Why are you moving and what is your ideal timeframe?

If someone has bought around the corner, who were they? Did they see your home? If they didn't then why not? Your agent should know these answers.
When we meet you and look around your home, we will bring evidence of every home like yours that has sold nearby. We will also look closely at the neighbouring home that has gone under offer.
We'll speak to you about your future hopes and plans and grasp a firm sense of your marketing history. Only then can we begin to understand why your neighbour has sold first. The most common reasons your home may not be getting the attention it deserves are:

Poor photos, sloppy copy and no floor plan
If your photography isn't up to scratch or the copy is full of bad grammar, nothing else will save your advertising. Your photography should be clear, well-lit and your home should look its best. Only professional photographers should be used, smartphone snaps are simply never a good idea. We've used a professional property photography company Home Exposure for years because they consistently produce excellent results. We can help advise you on how best to dress your home for photos and help during the photography appointment.
The copy should appeal to your target audience and be optimized throughout the online marketing process to maximise its click-through rate. Copy for print advertising should not simply be cut-and-pasted from your online advert but individually created for each publication, portal, email, poster or advert.
If you don't have a floor plan you're missing a vital marketing asset. Everyone loves a floor plan—it's important for people to understand the layout of your home to see if it suits their lifestyle, or how it can be adapted.

Ineffective advertising
Adverts should be beautifully laid-out, look elegant and your agency should have consistent, recognisable branding across every medium they use.
It should be easy to grasp the key selling points of your home quickly and the advert should be in an effective position, which leads us on to…

The wrong audience
Unique homes call for a unique marketing plan while typical homes usually call for a fresh strategy. At Roy Brooks, we focus on your target audience and market your home directly to them, meaning our advertising will attract exactly the type of person most likely to buy your home. What's more, it will be tweaked during the process to optimize its performance, ensuring you get the most exposure anyone possibly offer.

Short-sighted viewings
If you've had viewings, how were they conducted? Were you there? Did your agent give you advice or suggest things you could do to prepare for viewings? We can help you understand how to present you home and what might be putting people off.
We would always advise you to let us handle the viewings and ask that you go out and leave your buyers time to concentrate on seeing your home. We have a fantastic team of people at Roy Brooks who do a wonderful job of connecting with viewers and showing them around homes.

Getting your price right
It could be that your price isn't set at the right level for the market you're in. If you'd like a quick idea right now, our online valuation calculator may help. Of course, you're most welcome to get in touch and book an old-fashioned valuation. We do think that meeting you, understanding your needs and physically seeing your home is the best way forward.

There may be other reasons your sale is hindered and every situation is different. Armed with your individual marketing history, data from surrounding sales and your personal requirements we can tailor a plan to get you moving.