Why you should list your home before Christmas and New Year

Christmas is nearly here - a time for turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, crackers, tinsel, presents, a few too many tipples and endless hours spent slouched in front of the TV wishing you hadn't eaten so much. What it is also a time for, perhaps more surprisingly, is searching for property.

The received wisdom has always been that Christmas is not the best time to buy and sell property because people put things on the backburner over the festive season. Nowadays, however, the opposite is true. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and property portals, many people see the Christmas break as the perfect time to browse for their dream property.

Rather than dropping off, traffic and visits to major property portals such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket spike massively between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Rightmove tends to get its record number of hits around this time of the year, with traffic increasing by an extraordinary 195%.

You might wonder how this is possible, but in some ways it's not very surprising at all. Christmas, after all, gives busy, time-poor people some much-needed time off. What can they do with this spare time? Well, if they are active buyers or even those just looking for the sake of looking, the festive period is the perfect excuse to dedicate some serious time to house-hunting.

It can even become a communal experience, with would-be buyers borrowing on the advice and experience of siblings, parents and friends who may have some useful tips on the best ways of finding the perfect property.

Once upon a time, November and December would have been the quietest months in the property calendar as everything wound down for Christmas. Now, however, the interest is very much there. The buyer demand is there for sellers to pounce on.

While people don't like to move before or during the festive period - for obvious reasons such as extra stress, inconvenience and a lack of time - that doesn't mean that they won't be looking. If your property is not there, ready to meet this New Year demand, then you could be missing out on a plum deal.

All of which means that listing your property before Christmas - and the massive rush of visits on portals and estate agent websites that this period brings - is a sensible, rational move. Rather than holding back until January to list a property, sellers should definitely consider bringing their home to market before then, to take advantage of the seasonal boom.

That way, interest can be secured during the period between Christmas and New Year and acted upon in early January. We all know that January is a time for resolutions to be made and fresh starts to be considered, which means people taking big, life-changing decisions like moving home. As a seller, you have to be ready to take advantage of that.

January is often one of the busiest months for the property industry, but the earlier you act the quicker you can push a sale through.

Of course, in a busy and crowded marketplace, it's vitally important that you stand out from the crowd. Bright, engaging adverts and descriptions, a strong sales strategy and a clean, attractive, well-maintained home will all help to elevate you above the competition, no matter what the time of year.

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