beautiful entrance to a Georgian house

Fast, effective and inexpensive tips to prepare your home for sale

Our quickest property fix list, ever.

There's a saying in estate agency—mend, don't extend!
Here's your go-to guide for getting your home looking its best for a sale.

Easy entrance: Make sure your hall is clear from obstructions. No skateboards, bikes or shopping bags. No tangled coats and piles of shoes (if they are visible, organize them neatly). Fix broken latches on garden gates (should take fifteen minutes), paint your front door (an afternoon) and try scented plants.

Kitchen confidence: If there was ever a time to fix a leaky tap, clean your oven or replace a light bulb, it's now. Kitchen worktops should be clear, appliances and unit doors should be sparkling. Sand wooden worktops and reseal (over a weekend). Deep clean the kitchen in a day.

Buff up your bathroom: One of the easiest bathroom makeovers is to deep clean tile grout and silicone. What can't be cleaned should be replaced, it's one of the cheapest and most effective property fixes you can do (this can be done in a day). Baking soda and vinegar solutions remove mould, limescale and freshen smelly drains. Invest in new towels and fold them neatly. Hide cleaning products and add potted plants and statement candles.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms should feel relaxing and it should be clear there's enough storage. Don't let people think there isn't enough! Edit your wardrobe, make sure there's space for a reading chair and that vanity areas are clean and organized. Use soft lighting bulbs and good bedlinen. This is your excuse to shop for lovely throws and extra pillows. You could clear a bedroom and dress it in an afternoon.

Glorious gardens: Weed, mow and tidy your garden. Dress seating, clean decking and polish the BBQ! Solar lighting is cheap to buy and easy to hang. If your borders look sparse, plant architectural grasses (cheap, effective, elegant and focal) with flowering plants between (lupins, wildflowers or easy-care sedum). Woodchip will cover borders and problem areas inexpensively, hanging baskets and windchimes add interest. You could transform your garden in day or two.