How to get the best price in any market. Even today's.

It's a tricky market, right? Well I don't want to gloat, but we just got a home nearby an offer over its asking price twelve days after its launch. In fact, there were four families bidding for it and the winning offer is a record in the street.

Successfully selling your biggest asset comes down to the same rules I learned years ago, first as a graphic designer and later as a copywriter. You appeal to your target audience. By thinking backwards, about the type of person most likely to buy your home, you go about making it as attractive as possible to them. You also need an agent who will proactively market your home in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

The family living in this house bought it six years ago and knew they wanted to do extensive refurbishment work. They also knew they would be starting a family and would likely move once children arrived. So, they set about extending the house to accommodate a wish list kitchen/diner and top-floor master suite. By keeping the overall effect simple (and an eye on current trends), they created an interior worthy of a magazine spread. You don't have to buy the most expensive fixtures and fittings, but you do need to appeal to the right audience.

Here's how to sell for a high price, quickly.
Rule 1 Think about your buyer. The owners of this home sold to people very much like themselves. In fact, as a young, professional family, they are strikingly similar to each of the four couples that offered. The house is near good schools, a huge park, shops, pubs and not too far from a station. It's location, layout and interior were ideal for families. You need to think about the type of person most likely to buy your home.

Rule 2 Listen to us. To get a great offer, you must present your home in its best possible light. Not everyone has the budget to refurbish their home from top to bottom like this couple, but you can enhance the interior inexpensively to appeal to buyers most likely to be interested. We can tell you exactly how to present your home and outline the highest price it's likely to achieve.

Rule 3 Superb photos. We use an excellent photography company and have a strong relationship with them. I know I can ask for a fast turnaround and while it may not be possible, in this case they could do it. The photo shoot was arranged for 3pm on a Friday and the photographer sent me a full set of beautifully edited pictures back by 5.17pm the same day (there's usually a 1-2 day wait on photos). The photos were exceptional.

Rule 4 Strong copywriting. I visited the house earlier in the week to meet the owner and get the notes I needed for the write-up. Most property descriptions are poorly-written, far more are simply corny or full of clichés. By thinking about each home's selling points and writing clear, concise copy that's optimised for the web, I can help you achieve a higher click-through rate online.

Rule 5 Professional marketing and sales.I made sure to get the draft description approved before the photo shoot so the house could be uploaded fast. The house was uploaded at 5.39pm that Friday, in time for weekend browsing. It's essential to follow what people are doing on property portals and our website to maximise marketing efforts; I know that currently weekend browsing is up. We were instructed alongside another agent (one we rather like), but the competing agent didn't upload the house until the following Tuesday, missing out on the important leads that secured the sale.

Meanwhile, Stacy, Elaine, Sarah and Victoria in our Sales Team had all visited the house to get a sense of what they were selling. They then set about calling everyone on our database looking in that area and price range. Doing this in the days leading up to the property going live ensured they reached out to all of our current buyers before the house had hit the market. Several viewings were secured like this.

If you present your home in its best light, with your audience in mind, you will interest the best buyers. It's essential that your photographs and description are done by professionals, not the people selling your home, they are estate agents. To let a negotiator upload snaps from a smartphone or string together an untrained description is crazy. Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat if you need any help at all. You can call 020 8299 3021 or email me here.